Link to the Cast #125: Sunset Overdrive

Dave is off to Germany this weekend, but the lads make sure the pod train keeps on a rollin' with this week's ep: Some tv chat as Mark actually remembers what the box his furniture points at does. Dave's revisiting some stuff before jumping into Tomb Raider soon A Harry Potter RPG is on the … Continue reading Link to the Cast #125: Sunset Overdrive


Gears of War 4 Review

This is a review solely for the main campaign of Gears of War 4.   More so than I realise sometimes, the Gears of War series holds a special place in my heart. 17 year old me was introduced by my at-the-time girlfriend to an Xbox 360, Viva Pinata, and Gears of War (I’ve decided … Continue reading Gears of War 4 Review