Link to the Cast #79: Journey

Don't stop believin' about your No. 1 stop for game reviews and news. - Dave talks about the new Uncharted game - Mark gives a full rundown on Sonic Mania - Gameseek have received criticism for selling games they do not seem to have in stock - What exactly is Biomutant? - Shenmue III looks... … Continue reading Link to the Cast #79: Journey


Link to the Cast #75: Crazy Taxi

Holla if ya hear me! *We talk about Dunkirk *Mark tells us if he is a squid or a kid *Vice has decided video is the way forward *GTAV is still in the top 10 charts This week, we make our first (of what will likely be only a few) venture onto the Dreamcast, as … Continue reading Link to the Cast #75: Crazy Taxi

Link To The Cast #42: P.T.

All LTTC, all the time. On the show this week: Your weekly movie review Updates on Mafia III Is Really Bad Chess any good? Are we still down with The Witness? Nintendo Switch! Red Dead Redemption 2! Our views on the recent shady tactics of Bethesda and GAME Finally, we have come to the end … Continue reading Link To The Cast #42: P.T.