Link to the Cast #125: Sunset Overdrive

Dave is off to Germany this weekend, but the lads make sure the pod train keeps on a rollin' with this week's ep: Some tv chat as Mark actually remembers what the box his furniture points at does. Dave's revisiting some stuff before jumping into Tomb Raider soon A Harry Potter RPG is on the … Continue reading Link to the Cast #125: Sunset Overdrive


Dave’s Top Ten Games of this Generation

Much like Mark's list last week, what follows is in no particular order. But first I must say honourable mentions go to some great games that fell just outside my final list: Mario Kart 8 Overwatch Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Superhot Super Smash Bros for Wii U Axiom Verge Anyway, on to my top … Continue reading Dave’s Top Ten Games of this Generation

Link To The Cast #2- Banjo-Kazooie

We're back for the difficult second album. Mark shares his thoughts on Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush, plus breaks down the demo for Splatoon that came out this week, whilst Dave Ryan expresses his feelings on Sunset Overdrive, while also gushing over Ether One. We talk about Konami being Konami *lol*; Nintendo being in conjunction … Continue reading Link To The Cast #2- Banjo-Kazooie