Days of Thunder: Uncensored 1998

It's the classic WCW PPV of two halves this week on the show as Dave and Lee chat about Uncensored '98. Come gather round on this latest stop on Thunder Road as we talk about some high highs, and some low lows: *Dave befriended a poet on a weekend away *Jericho and Malenko save our … Continue reading Days of Thunder: Uncensored 1998

Days of Thunder Episode #6: The Big Kahuna

With the help of some medicinal beers, Dave Ryan and Lee Malone return to our journey down Thunder Road, a road already teeming with potholes. On this week's episode: *An indulgent opening promo that would make 2003 Triple H blush *Lee takes us inside WCW contract negotiations in a special report on Raven's Rules *The. … Continue reading Days of Thunder Episode #6: The Big Kahuna