Link to the Cast #109: Mario Party

Jack is back with a brand new track. *We discuss Infinity War *We discuss God of War *We discuss the tabloids at war (with video games) *We discuss cowboys at war (Red Dead Redemption 2) *We discuss PUBG developer at war (with hackers) And in our book club this week, we look at the true … Continue reading Link to the Cast #109: Mario Party


Mark’s Top Ten Games of this Generation

I should stress that this is in no specific order. I would also like to point out a couple of games that didn't make the list but are still very good, or I haven't finished yet: Downwell Undertale Bayonetta 2 Threes Hitman Go Nidhogg Firewatch With that out of the way... Rocket League  Football with … Continue reading Mark’s Top Ten Games of this Generation

Link To The Cast #26: DOOM

Aloha internet! It's been a whiiiile..... Welcome back for a brand spanking new edition of Link To The Cast! On this week's show Brian is still hanging with yer boy T-Clance in The Division Mark is so utterly, hopelessly lost in Stardew Valley addiction. Is Quantum Break an early shout for Best 7/10 Game Of … Continue reading Link To The Cast #26: DOOM