Link to the Cast #99: Kula World

One more for the good guys, we're back with another installment of Link to the Cast! *We talk about massive units in the Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake. *We break down the new PS4 Firmware update. *We take a sharp turn back towards Konami Korner *Kaz Harai steps down as CEO of Sony. *All … Continue reading Link to the Cast #99: Kula World


LTTC’s The Grap Up #2: Super Long Style 16

Welcome back to Link to the Cast's occasional pro wrestling podcast, The Grap Up! On a jam packed show, we have a lot to discuss: In the first half of the show (recorded last week), Dave, Mark and Jack break down an excellent NXT Takeover, a not so excellent Backlash, and some other stuff that … Continue reading LTTC’s The Grap Up #2: Super Long Style 16

Link To The Cast #47: Firewatch

It's astounding Time is fleeting Madness takes its toll... Thank you for joining us for another episode of Link To The Cast! Mark has donned the suit and is tackling Hitman. All the Pokemon. ALL OF IT. No Man's Sky has a new patch and Dave gives his take. Black Friday has come and gone. … Continue reading Link To The Cast #47: Firewatch

Link To The Cast #42: P.T.

All LTTC, all the time. On the show this week: Your weekly movie review Updates on Mafia III Is Really Bad Chess any good? Are we still down with The Witness? Nintendo Switch! Red Dead Redemption 2! Our views on the recent shady tactics of Bethesda and GAME Finally, we have come to the end … Continue reading Link To The Cast #42: P.T.