Link to the Cast #115: Guacamelee!

With E3 in the rear view mirror, Link to the Cast returns to your regularly scheduled programming with a bumper show: *Mark has been toying around with Yoku's Island Express *Dave has a bone to pick with The Hut *Street Fighter 5 tries to make things better with lootboxes *The WHO is trying to clamp … Continue reading Link to the Cast #115: Guacamelee!


Lost in Space: A look at Axiom Verge

I missed out on Axiom Verge first time round. Its release in April 2015 coincided with me purchasing a PlayStation 4, but the PS Vita version (the version I was holding out for) would not see daylight for another year. The game was obviously wearing its heart on its sleeve: the mechanics and level design … Continue reading Lost in Space: A look at Axiom Verge

Link To The Cast #4 — Portal

On this week's show... Dave shares his final thoughts on Ether One & Wolfenstein: Old Blood, gives his opinions on Telltale and their catalogue of games so far, and starts to delve into the mad, mad world of Borderlands 2. Mark praises Guacamelee! And throws himself under the bus with his thoughts on Shadow Of … Continue reading Link To The Cast #4 — Portal