Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Workshop

It’s here! It’s finally here. The long awaited return of the Fire Pro Wrestling series brings the classic time-based grappling style of gameplay that fans of wrestling and video games have been yearning for. You can currently grab the game on Steam Early Access for $20, with a slated PS4 release scheduled somewhere down the … Continue reading Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Workshop


Lost in Space: A look at Axiom Verge

I missed out on Axiom Verge first time round. Its release in April 2015 coincided with me purchasing a PlayStation 4, but the PS Vita version (the version I was holding out for) would not see daylight for another year. The game was obviously wearing its heart on its sleeve: the mechanics and level design … Continue reading Lost in Space: A look at Axiom Verge

In Praise of Average Games

A celebration of the things that make you go 'meh' The Age of Outrage is a theme that occurs seemingly every week in the news section of our podcast. When we put together our agenda for the show, one of the running jokes we often have is ‘What’s everybody mad at this week?’ One of … Continue reading In Praise of Average Games

Who Gives A 4K?

Mark has a collection of thoughts on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One Scorpio, and 4K gaming in general.    A couple of years ago I was employed by a rather big company to work in their merchandising section at head office. The role focused on working with the head honchos of technology to extrapolate specs … Continue reading Who Gives A 4K?

The Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Video Games

In the weeks following the release of No Man’s Sky, there has been a vocal subset of gamers furious with Sony, Hello Games, and pretty much anyone else who dared enjoy the game. In amongst the fury and the pissbabies, there were a number of valid complaints regarding Sony’s refund policy, and the perception of … Continue reading The Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Video Games