Link to the Cast #155: Renewed for a 5th Season

After an extended break we are finally back! We took a little time off to think about the show and whether we needed to change things up – what with the realisation that we end up talking about more than just video games (and have a couple of failed podcasts as a result) and that we’ve done over 150 book club specials. Because of this, the book club feature has been put on the shelf for the time being, though there is always room for its return if the situation calls.

Until then, please find a brand spanking new edition of Link to the Cast in its new format. And hey, are they time stamps I see? What will we think of next… a Patreon? A sponsorship with Squarespace?

3:30 – Housekeeping
9.45 – Wrestling talk
18:00 – 1917
24:45 – Just Mercy
36:10 – The Witcher (TV Series)
42:14 – Richard Jewell
48:21 – David Copperfield
54:30 – The Witcher: Wild Hunt
57:50 – The Outer Worlds
1:01:00 – Kentucky Route Zero
1:05:43 – The Pedestrian
1:09:58 – Dan Houser


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