Link to the Cast #116: Doom II: Hell on Earth

SOMEONE PLEASE TURN OFF THE SUN. Link to the Cast returns amidst tropical conditions on the Emerald Isle , and in spite of your hosts audibly melting, there is much to talk about:

*A brief but legally mandated mention of VAR.

*Dave stews on the possibility Detroit isn’t SUPER terrible.

*Mark finds Hollow Knight to be lacking inside….if only there was a word for that.

*The PUBG/Fortnite lawsuit is over.

*The Telltale engine done R-U-N-N-O-F-T

And in our Book Club, Doom II, THE sequel to the grandaddy of em all. We talk differences and similarities in the sequel compared to its original, the current state of the DOOM franchise, and how it might tell us what to expect for DOOM Eternal.


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