Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Workshop

It’s here! It’s finally here. The long awaited return of the Fire Pro Wrestling series brings the classic time-based grappling style of gameplay that fans of wrestling and video games have been yearning for. You can currently grab the game on Steam Early Access for $20, with a slated PS4 release scheduled somewhere down the line.

One of the key features of the series is the endless customisation options for creating wrestlers, television characters, musicians, superheroes, animals, etc. that players can download to bulk up their roster and create dream matches; from the likes of Hulk Hogan against Wolverine to Kenta Kobashi against a Bear. The latest entry is no different. Within less than 24 hours over 450 wrestlers have been updated to the community page on Steam, so it would only make sense to have a look through the weirdest and most wonderful entries to date, right?

Jushin Thunder Liger


I have to start with arguably the most famous Junior Heavyweight ever. Not only because he is a legend, and not only because he complimented me on my Totoro iPhone case in New York, but because the model created by Mister_Machete perfectly captures the Power Ranger-esque and colourful vibe of his costume.

Biff Slamkovic


The protagonist of Saturday Night Slam Masters and a student of Mike Hager, Biff Slamkovic comes to us from user Policenaut. Likely modeled off of Texas’ own Kerry Von Erich, he looks every part a hero to the people of Ukraine.

Wolf Hawkfield


Policenaut has also created Virtua Fighter’s Wolf Hawkfield. In an art-meets-life moment, Jim Steele would end up using a gimmick based off of Wolf in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Fair Bear

fair bear
Looking to call it right down the middle, Dandizz’ Fair Bear means business. Even the meanest, rudest wrestler isn’t going to mess with this guy. I mean, he’s a bear.

Jeremy Corbyn


He is the absolute boy, fighting for truth and justice. DanTheStripe has decided to make Fire Pro Wrestling World political – God bless him for it.

Solid Snake


When he’s not decking Mario in the face in Super Smash Bros, Solid Snake also has time to put on the tights and step into the bright lights. Bittersteel has created an excellent version of the MGS hero, whose convoluted storyline and troubled relationship with his siblings is no more bonkers than that of Kane and the Undertaker.


Do you remember Pepsiman? Probably not, but Aquanauts Holiday is here to remind you. Pepsiman is here to take back the Pepsi Plunge and trademark that CM Punk stole from him 15 years ago. The stories just write themselves.

Gabe Newell


Gabe is sick of you geeks banging on about Half-Life 3 and has decided the only way to shut you up is to strap on the boots and take you down.



FrozenGoggles has created Street Figher 2’s Zangief. Because it is absolutely mandatory to do so. Now to see if they have the Jumping Spinning Piledriver in his moveset.

Jim Sterling


GenericMartini has created the popular video game critic because the internet is sometimes brilliant. As soon as someone makes Cornflakes Homunculus, I will have my tag team champions.

Dr Tracksuit


Giant Bomb Editor, Jeff Gerstmann is the advocate for Dr Tracksuit and a member of RUN GFB. Jake was kind enough to create the virtual man who has done more cocaine than Shawn Michaels during the 90s. 

Bob Ross


When he’s not adding a tree or bush here and there, Roasty Bunz’ wonderful version of Bob Ross is ready to lay the smackdown with his own unique artistic flair.



We could tell Luigi was fed up with your shit after seeing his death stare in Mario Kart 8. GenericMartini has brought the plumber to life so he can take out his frustrations within the squared circle.

Krusty the Clown


Death-By-Vector’s take on Springfield’s resident clown is perhaps slightly more terrifying than intended.



His finisher has to be the powerbomb, right? Thanks to aaaa for this entry.



Credit to Jazzman/Omega’s attempt at Undertale’s Sans. The aloof charm of his character has been somewhat replaced with a more sinister feel (he is a skeleton afterall).


suda 51.PNG

SUDA 51 (real name Goichi Suda) is a great man and a great video game developer. It is only fitting he would immortalize himself in the world of Fire Pro Wrestling World.



MeatySpag has created one half of your soon to be tag team champions of the world.





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