Link to the Cast #48: Stardew Valley

The lads are back and ready to get Stardew Pal-ley. On the show this week:

*A discussion of the fine food and sights of Prague from Dave’s trip that succeeds in making Dave and Mark very hungry for the rest of the show

*That Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

*Had we been too harsh on Virginia? Is Battlefield 1 even better than we give it credit for?

*Highlights from the Game Awards including a LOT of Kojima talk.

*A metric ton of news from PSX including some fawning over The Last of Us Part II.

*The rest of this week’s gaming news.

Our book club this week is one Mark has been ready for for sometime, as we take our tools and go farming in Stardew Valley.


Listen, like, share, find us on iTunes (rate us there too to be extra nice), and enjoy!

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Our Weekly Schedule

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Tuesday: Book Club on Youtube/Article on website

Wednesday: LTTC Plays

Thursday: New Link to the Cast episode

Friday: FriDave Plays


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