Link to the Cast #46: Burnout 3: Takedown

Avast ye internet folk, Link to the Cast is here!

Dave has returned home and this week he and Mark are joined by special guest Peter Willington ( ),  currently a producer at Auroch Digital, and one quarter of the excellent Staying In podcast. ( )

On this week’s show:

-How the lifting of heavy things is not an ideal hobby.

-The documentary Man vs. Snake; it’s no King of Kong, but oh boy is it great.

FM17 Mobile has it’s claws in Mark, Dave has dabbled in Watch_Dogs 2 and Steep (forever more to be referred to as Shhhteeep)

– Peter talks about Transformers Devestation – a very Platinum-esque game.

– Pokémon Sun Moon have landed, but are we finally getting a home console Pokémon game on Switch?

-Are Blizzard working on a campaign for Overwatch, and where can i sign up for it?

-The Sleeping Dogs 2 we could have gotten, but never will 😦

-All that and the rest of this week’s gaming news.

This week’s Book Club takes us on a high octane trip back to the PS2 when Peter and Mark take a dive into Burnout 3: Takedown.

Burnout chat starts at 1:48:57


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