Link To The Cast #42: P.T.

All LTTC, all the time. On the show this week:

  • Your weekly movie review
  • Updates on Mafia III
  • Is Really Bad Chess any good?
  • Are we still down with The Witness?
  • Nintendo Switch!
  • Red Dead Redemption 2!
  • Our views on the recent shady tactics of Bethesda and GAME

Finally, we have come to the end of SHOCKTOBER™ and boy, are we ending in style. Released to little fanfare by the unheard of 7780s Studio. We would soon realise it was a joint venture between Hideo Kojima and Gulliermo Del Toro on new Silent Hill project. An absolutely terrifying experience that showcased the new Fox Engine, plus would also show the fractured relationship between Kojima and Konami – this week, we talk about P.T.

Also check out our stream of P.T. right here.


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