Link To The Cast: E3 2016 Preview Spectacular!

Twas the night before E3…..

It’s that time of year again pod people, gaming Christmas is here, and we present to you our special edition of the podcast with all our E3 news, gossip and predictions before the madness kicks off in LA. We’ll be livetweeting as many conferences as possible over at so pop over there and join the fun!

[Editor’s note: Apologies in advance for a couple of moments where the volume goes weird. Mark’s microphone was on a mad one which we only noticed in post.]

Anyone who fancies watching the conferences, here’s the list of conference times (all times are GMT):

Sunday, June 12

EA pre-show: 8:30pm [30 mins]

EA conference : 9:00pm [2 hrs]

EA post-show: 11:00pm [2.5 hrs]

Monday, June 13

Bethesda conference : 3:00am [2 hrs]

Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Day 0 Edition: 4:00am [1 hr] – clash with Bethesda’s conference.

Microsoft conference: 5:30pm [2 hrs]

PC Gaming Show conference: 8:00pm [1-2 hrs] – possible clash with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft conference: 9:00pm [2 hrs].

Tuesday, June 14

Sony conference: 2:00am [2 hrs]

Nintendo Treehouse livestream #1: 5:00pm [6 hrs] will clash with PlayStation streams.

Listen, like, share, find us on iTunes (rate us there too to be extra nice), and enjoy!

If you wanna contact us for our mailbag, or just to say hi, or if you just want to keep up to date on our content as it’s posted, check out the following:

LTTC Cover Art- @EamoV1




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