#E32015 – What’s On, and When Can I Watch It?

Merry Gaming Christmas everyone!

E3 is upon us once more, and for those among us with little better to do (myself included), it means several days of watching people showing us the new shiny things that will make money vanish from our wallets. Most articles giving you conference details tend to focus on the Pacific Time side of things, so the point of this article is just to keep all conference times organised in one place that doesn’t require you to google “pacific time to GMT” every 90 minutes for a weekend. Without further ado, listed below are the main press events taking place before doors to the Convention Center finally open, with times listed in British Summer Time (BST).

Bethesda- June 1503:00

Microsoft- June 15, 17:30

Electronic Arts (EA)- June 15, 21:00

Ubisoft (Mark’s favourite)June 15, 23:00

Sony- June 16, 02:00

Nintendo- June 16, 17:00

Square Enix- June 16, 18:00

PC Gaming Show- June 17, 01:00


Happy watching everyone,

-Dave ( @daveryaniv on the Tweet machine)



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