Link To The Cast #4 — Portal

On this week’s show…

Dave shares his final thoughts on Ether One & Wolfenstein: Old Blood, gives his opinions on Telltale and their catalogue of games so far, and starts to delve into the mad, mad world of Borderlands 2.

Mark praises Guacamelee! And throws himself under the bus with his thoughts on Shadow Of Mordor.

Elsewhere, we start to look at how E3 is shaping up, wonder what on Earth a Rock Band RPG game is going to look like and DAWWWW WOOLY YOSHI AMIIBOS!

Finally, we look at 2007’s quite excellent first-person puzzle piece of perfection, Portal.

Hosts: Mark Robinson @lithiumproject & Dave Ryan @daveryanIV

Artwork by Eamonn Dalton @eamoV1

Enjoy x


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